StorageWall & TeacherWall

About our StorageWall System

OfficeLife’s StorageWall system brings new dimensions and innovative solutions to any storage problem.

This fully integrated system can be applied almost anywhere; in post room areas, as display storage and in libraries, whilst also being the perfect office storage solution.

StorageWall is a practical way to maximise storage and use of floor space, by making effective use of vertical space. The result is functional furniture with striking aesthetic appeal.

At OfficeLife our mantra is ‘Made to Measure, Made to Fit’ and this certainly applies to this system. Each unit can be manufactured to any height or width required and various types of units can be used to compliment a particular space.

Optional accessories in our StorageWall range include; LED lighting, hanging rail options, roll out filing frames and glass shelves/doors.

Storagewall Options

This fully developed product range can be manufactured using a combination of any units you desire. We offer a wide range of units which you can see below:

A = Standard 2-door storage wall bay
B = Vertical (pictured) and side opening tambour shutter doors
C = Standard storage cupboards (various sizes)
D = Standard drawers
E = Top box cupboards
F = Printer Alcove
G = Glass doors and galss shelves (not pictured) at various sizes
H = Pigeon hole units


About our TeacherWall System

TeacherWall is a smart new modular teaching system developed for the education sector. If you struggle with a cluttered classroom, or keeping student’s attention this is the solution for you!

This efficient, high volume storage facility will compliment any classroom, keeping it tidy and benefiting students of any ages. That’s right – we have applied these TeacherWalls in primary schools, secondary schools and even universities!

Space in the centre of our TeacherWall systems allows for an interactive screen to be fitted, complimented by sliding whiteboard doors, so students will not have to shift their focus elsewhere in the room.

Hidden beneath those doors is storage space with adjustable shelves, as well as other cupboard space that is also supplied with adjustable shelves. All doors come the option to be locking for privacy reasons.

TeacherWall is designed to take educational trays in any compartment in an array of colours. And as always, our TeacherWall system can be manufactured completely bespoke to any space and also any specification.



TeacherWall Options

This fully developed product range can be manufactured in almost any configuration you desire. We offer a wide range of ‘add on units’ which you can see below:

A – Space for interactive whiteboards
B – Tray units
C – Sliding whiteboard doors
D – Cupboards
E – Deep filing drawers
F – Flat pull-down laptop drawer
G – Hinged whiteboard door
H – Open storage
I – Teachers station with pull out keyboard drawer
J – Top box cupboards
K – Lift up storage
L – Printer alcove
M – Teachers desk
N – Sink and tap units
StorageWall & TeacherWall can both be applied alongside lockers & other standard furniture items to make complete office or school solutions. Call us now to receive your quotation.
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