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When the world shutdown in 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, many industries were affected. We were all sent home to keep each other safe and became more uncertain if & when our business was going to re-open.

After a few weeks of closure, we came back ready to adapt to this new way of life. Our product development and technical teams got to work, establishing our brand new Covid-19 Protective Furniture range, designed to help staff returning to the workplace.

The range began with acrylic ‘Sneeze Screens’ & ’Topper Screens which are non-permanent acrylic screens that can be sat on top of desks. Additional to this was our ‘Screen Systems’ which can be manufactured in three different styles; Screen Box, Pine Screen and Glass Box, the more permanent solutions can be applied to desks whether they are individual or in banks/groups.

The last item in this range is ‘Protective Reception Screens’ which are MFC and acrylic set ups manufactured completely bespoke to any type of new or existing reception in whatever specification is most suitable to the space.

There is something in this range to suit all types of workplaces and we are very humbled that we are able to assist people in safely returning to work, and we will continue to do so until it is no longer necessary.


Product range

Sneeze Screen

Sneeze Screens

A non-permanent acrylic screen with triangular acrylic feet, to sit on top of a desktop/counter. Sizes and cut-outs of panels are optional.

Topper Screens

Topper Screens

An acrylic screen that can be added to an existing desk mount to increase the height for safety purposes. The screen is attached using special fixing brackets. Sizes are optional.

Screen Box

Screen Box System

A three-sided self-supporting system with acrylic panels that slot in pre-machined grooves & can fit any desktop. This system is applied to each desk individually and is adhered with double sided tape.

Spine Screen

SPine Screen System

Fixed desktop system for staff members sitting opposite each other, vision panel can be either acrylic or glass and the height of this panel can be bespoke. Sizes are optional.

Glass Box

Glass Box System

Fixed desktop system for staff members sitting in a bank of desks, with glass vision panels on 3 sides using special glass fixing brackets and can be manufactured for any desk size. Sizes are optional.
Protective Reception Screens

Protective Reception Screens

Acrylic screens manufactured especially for bespoke spaces & existing receptions, using MFC to create a surround and fitting acrylic within that. A site survey may be required for measuring purposes before we can manufacture this product.

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