Case Studies

Office Refit in Birmingham
October 15, 2019

There are lots of moving parts in a complete office re-fit that need to be controlled in order for a job to run smoothly.

In this instance we visited the site to deliver and install furniture for the whole building over a two day period. Included in this refit was the main office, meeting rooms, and a staff canteen.

The perks of having such a large space to work with was creating a seamless theme throughout.

Bright white MFC and black office chairs & vinyl sofas were complemented by light blue cafeteria chairs in keeping with the company colours.

We are proud to say that this job was very successful and led to further office refits for the same customer, which included furniture for some new areas such as; communal hallways, personal office, training rooms and reception areas. A lot of the furniture was manufactured to standard sizes because we didn’t have to meet any specific space requirements.

It was the scale of this job and what it led to in terms of customer relationship that made it stand out. This project was installed by OfficeLife. Images by OfficeLife.