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Get your office furniture right: Reception areas

How to get your reception area right

When entering a business the reception area is usually the first point of contact and we all know how important first impressions are! It’s vital to get your reception area perfect for everyone who comes to visit you. Below are a number of key points to consider that will make your reception area more welcoming to anyone that visits.

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Make sure you get the right person for the job

Choose the right person for the job

We just mentioned above how important a first impression is and it’s likely that anyone visiting your business will be attracted to the reception area first. This makes it vital for the appearance of the reception area along with all of the office furniture to be up to scratch along with the appearance of the staff. (Which we’re sure will be the case).

It’s important to have skilled staff who have been trained to offer a superb greeting every time. After all, filling your reception area with friendly faces will make it more welcoming and a nice place for your visitors.

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Style your reception area and keep it personal

It’s usually best to seek the advice of an office furniture design professional from our select dealer network, unless you’re handy with a pencil and have experience in design. As they will be able to make the best use of your space.

Adding a personal touch can be beneficial too, a logo, fresh flowers along with a coffee machine can all make the overall experience of your reception area not only stand out, but be memorable.


Keep your visitors entertained

People arrive early and sometimes you’re late for an appointment. So it pays to keep your visitors engaged and entertained, you never know, it could help you close your next deal. Easy ways to achieve this include, installing a flat screen TV which plays live news. (No sound, but put the subtitles on). Or had a slideshow of previous work.

An open Wi-Fi network is very useful as your client could be working whilst waiting. (Or just catching up on Facebook).


It’s clear to see that the reception area is one of the most important areas for a lot of businesses. This therefore makes it essential to ensure that your reception area is correct and all basic points are covered. Research has shown that a great office environment including reception area is linked with employing approachable staff, along with improving employees output, not to mention it being a more enjoyable place to be. At OfficeLife Solutions we can provide bespoke made to measure reception desks and office furniture, so get in touch and we will direct you to your nearest dealer who will be happy to help.


Take your cutomers business to the next level with new, bespoke office furniture.

We are well away in terms of the year so far. Can you believe it’s nearly March? Seems like last week we were tucking into the Christmas Turkey and were back to making office furniture.
It’s been a busy few weeks here at OfficeLife, largely down to the February half term and the ever popular Storagewall being specified by an increasing number of schools. But that’s enough about us for now.
Below is information on how to take help take your customers business to the next level with new, bespoke office furniture. Let us know what you think.
Make better use of existing space.
Has the space in the office stayed the same for the past few years? Well chances are your business has grown, or changed over the same period, so it’s logical to assume that you needs will have too? Forgetting to mention the new technology that is now available, flexible working, hot desking etc. All things that have evolved significantly in recent times and it’s possible to make the current office environment far more efficient by adapting it to latest working practices and trends.
The most important thing to do when thinking about a reshuffle is plan, plan and plan. At OfficeLife we can work with you or your customer to ensure that your space is fully utilized and bespoke to you.
Another factor to consider is when to actually start moving furniture around so that it has a minimal impact on your business. Sometimes this can be done out of office hours but, this can incur additional costs. We would suggest a Friday afternoon, fresh for Monday!
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The right furniture
This needs to be assessed for your specific needs. Main things to consider are; how much space do you have? How many people do you have working in that space? And how much space does each individual need?
Top tip: Rather than buying what desks you think your staff need, it’s always a good idea to ask them what they feel they need and would make life easier for them. There might be something that’s been overlooked.
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A splash of colour
Beige is back… well not really, but maybe one day. There has definitely been a resurgence of colour in the past couple of years with products like our TEK-10 ranges being specified in different colours. (Which look great) A number of surveys have been conducted recently suggesting a splash of colour can have a dramatic effect on the performance of an office team. Sounds absurd that a bit of colour can make people work harder, but the evidence speaks for itself.
No need to go mad, but some tasteful contrasting colours can have a big impact on the overall look of the room, along with increasing brand continuity, but more on that below.
Bespoke Office Furniture
Introducing company branding into an office design is a great way to engage staff and can also help establish values for a business within the team. A note of advice though; if you’re not au fait with design, it’s worth hiring a professional to ensure you get that perfect look, first time.
This year the trend seems to be for bespoke office furniture, be it storage, reception desks or even traditional desks in non-standard shapes and sizes and colours. It’s great that customers are thinking outside the box and experimenting, so if you’re office or educational furniture is due an update, give us a call on 01376 505800
By Oliver Anthony

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