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Educational furniture: Bespoke, made to measure, made to fit.

With Easter a distant memory and the Summer school holidays fast approaching, it’s all going a bit mad in the industry, and here at OfficeLife. In this post we are going to look at the increase in demand for Teacherwall and the benefits of using it, in addition to this we will touch on other educational products that are certainly worth considering in your next project.

Teacherwall Iamge

Teacherwall –

Teacherwall is a bespoke, Made to Measure, Made to Fit product and is perfect for not only making maximum use of available space but also being extremely versatile, for example; within the doors of Teacherwall a special finishing panel can be specified so that the door doubles as a white board! Teacherwall is also compatible with a wide range of audio visual equipment including TV’s, projectors and touch screen white boards.

Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to visit your client on your behalf or offer advice on the measurements we would require. (In some circumstances we would require a site survey to ensure accuracy).

Refectory furniture

OfficeLife have vast experience in producing a wide range of refectory and break out area furniture. We’re also working on a new Teacherwall style product (sneak peek photo below) that comes with a built in waste unit and hot water tap. But as is the way with Teacherwall it’s built to be adaptable and don’t forget, Made to Measure, Made to Fit.

Mercury IT Desks

I.T Desking

At OfficeLife we have a huge range of I.T desks with varying styles, colours and levels of flexibility. Our Mercury range of I.T desks allows the monitor and other equipment to be stowed when not in use, which can stop students from getting distracted whilst maximising desk space for when PC’s are not in use.

Also, perfect for private study or exam confidentiality are study carrels as they have dividers for individual compartments. Great for one to one lessons or if students require private study. As with a lot of OfficeLife products carrels can be specified in a range of shapes and sizes to make the most of available space.

Office furniture

Reception areas

Another important area for consideration in any school is the reception area. We covered this extensively in last month’s post which can be seen here if you would like to read more. OfficeLife build bespoke reception areas along with having standard ranges. It’s often the first point of physical contact for anyone visiting the school so it’s very important that the area is presented well. Something we’re able to help with.


If you’re customers are looking for bespoke or standard educational furniture please do get in touch and we will be happy to help and if you’re a school or educational establishment, we would be happy to point you towards your nearest OfficeLife dealer who will be happy to assist.